Buster + Punch: Exhaust / Cascade / Chandelier / Stone

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Buster + Punch: Exhaust / Cascade / Chandelier / Stone

Introduce a touch of industrial elegance to your space.

A bespoke cascade chandelier with either 10, 19 or 31 light pendants made from solid metal with Buster + Punch's signature linear-knurling. This chandelier features STONE powder coated EXHAUST lights and is powered by exposed LED exhaust bulbs to give a warm and ambient glow. Custom built to fit your space perfectly. 


For the design team to tailor your chandelier to the perfect length & drop, we will need you to supply us with 5 key pieces of information:
Pendants: 10, 19 or 31 (this is the total amount of lights hanging from your ceiling rose)
Dimension A: Distance between the base of the ceiling rose and the top pendant head
Dimension B: Distance between top pendant head and base pendant head.