How is my package delivered?

Packages vary in size depending on the quantity, material and size of the products. Most will be sent in boxes, although large handles made from bronze or brass will require a shipping crate due to their extra weight. The BRANCH handle will also require a shipping crate regardless of the material used in order to provide greater protection during transit.

How much will I pay for shipping?

This is calculated automatically at checkout and is determined by the weight, quantity and/or size of your order.

Do I need to pay duty and taxes?

For Goods supplied within the Commonwealth of Australia, GST and all local import duties and taxes are the responsibility of Spiggy Pty Ltd providing that the shipping has been arranged by Spiggys’ shipping agents.

For Goods supplied in all other countries, GST is excluded from the order and the Purchaser is liable for all local import duties, taxes and fees applicable to the country of destination. Furthermore, additional delivery charges may apply to certain countries so please ask before ordering. International orders are not available online so please email your enquiry to

How long until I receive my items?

This really depends on what you have ordered.

Philip Watts Design products are all made to order and have a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks from order. Let us know if you need it quicker, we can always check with production. Bespoke items from Philip Watts Design can take on average an extra 2 weeks subject to how quick the design stages and approvals or completed. 

Buster + Punch items are generally delivered within 7-10 working days subject to stock availability at the time of order.

All other products have a lead time of between 1-4 weeks.

How are large items delivered?

Delivery is to 'kerbside'. Therefore consideration should be given to orders consisting of large handles as these may be delivered in shipping crates, as outlined above. Some handles can weigh up to 20-25kg each so the total weight of the crate could become very heavy.

If a HIAB is required to set the crate down on the kerbside, this may incur additional costs which must be paid by the customer. In most cases, the crate can be unpacked, a handle at a time, straight from the delivery vehicle. 

It is the responsibility of the receiving party to dispose of the shipping crate.

Do I have to install my own items?

All of our products are provided on a supply only basis. If required, in most cases we can provide contacts of installers who can install your products. All necessary fixing items are provided with each product.

How will I know the delivery time?

As soon as the order is ready to be shipped you will get a tracking code to let you know the estimated time to delivery. This can then be tracked through every stage right up to the day of delivery. We will also keep a track and update you as required.

What happens if I am not home at the moment of delivery?

If you are not home at the time of delivery it will be taken back to the logistics warehouse and be delivered the next available day. Contact details will be provided for you to rearrange the delivery time to one that better suits you, just in case the next working day is not suitable.

Alternatively, it may also be possible to arrange collection from the logistics depot if that is more suitable. You can discuss this with the operator when calling the numbers provided.

If I buy several items will they be delivered together?

We prefer to be as efficient with the delivery as possible therefore if you order everything from the same supplier we will send everything together once we have the complete order ready. If however you are in a hurry and some items are ready sooner, we are more than willing to send separately if that suits. Please let us know at the time of order. 

If your order is from different suppliers, each order will be sent separately. Tracking numbers will be supplied once dispatched.

How long does it take to get custom made items?

Bespoke items require preliminary stages such as design, approval, sample, photos etc. This additional work takes on average an extra 2-3 weeks on top of the standard lead time from that manufacturer but is purely dependent on the complexity of the product and the time taken to obtain approval. 

Further questions?

If you have any further questions regarding shipping or any other subject, please feel free to contact us through email at and will respond as quickly as possible.