We are so pleased to share these images of a project we have worked on in Indonesia with the amazing Wahana Architects of Jakarta. We were approached to provide something truly unique for the front doors, statement handles to emphasise the scale of the entry to this incredible house.

A pair of ‘crushed’ handles were created, 1800mm high featuring a crushed detail at the top blending out to a smooth tapering finish at the bottom. Cast in solid bronze and hand polished to a satin finish these handles certainly make a statement.


"We had considered and rejected several handles as we thought that since the handles would be on the main entrance, they had to have a certain charisma - referring to the size of the house - and pride. And so, when we opened the crate, my first reaction as I looked at the handles closely, I was grateful that I chose the right ones. "

 Visit www.wahanaarchitects.com to see more work from this amazing architectural practice.


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