Collier Webb

As designers and makers of lighting, furniture and hardware for the world’s most beautiful interior spaces, the team at Collier Webb consists of some highly talented, skilled artisans supported by a team of dedicated professionals all possessing the most immense pride in their work. Since 1977, the Collier Webb Foundry and Workshop have passionately honed the art of crafting brass castings, combining traditional methods like lost wax and sand casting with modern techniques. Each piece is purposefully designed to complement and enhance the visions of interior designers, architects, and restorers in their diverse projects. This series of videos hioghlights the various stages of production, providing an insight into the incredible amount of work that goes in to producing each Collier Webb product.

part 1

Pattern Making

part 2

Lost Wax Technique - Pt1

part 3

Lost Wax Technique - Pt 2

part 4

Lost Wax Technique - Pt3

part 5

In The Workshop

part 6


part 7

Wiring & Dispatch

complete version

Crafting The Brassica