Dnd’s promise of - and pride in – Italian manufacturing stems from a deep respect of the material knowledge that has supported the brand from the beginning.

The Val Sabbia area, in the province of Brescia, was a major industrial leader for steel production, and it was in this area that dnd was born more than fifty years ago. Of course, this Made in Italy approach is more than just historical: it defines dnd’s approach to this day. From the materials used at the outset to the most intricate finishing touches, experience handed down over generations are the secret to dnd’s success.

The material excellence of every product is fundamentally supported by dnd’s desire to collaborate closely with designers throughout the manufacturing process. Taking the approach that two heads will always be better than one, Dnd engages with the best of the best to ensure a timeless sophistication and modern flair is integrated in every piece.

“Dnd puts productive know-how at the service of remarkable creativity, involving outstanding designers with a focus on style and functional quality.”



Karim Rashid’s SHORT handle for dnd is the perfect example of elevated simplicity. With soft lines, a classic form, and seven colours, this handle will look at home in a variety of projects.



For something more unique, Marco Pisati’s TIMELESS handle is quite simply stunning. A circular, 3D base incorporates the fixing rose, and contrasts to the graphic statement of the slimline, rectilinear handle. It's like the circle is the clock and the handle is the ticking hand.



In contrast, Jaime Hayon’s ZEPPELIN handle matches feel with function and aesthetic. Inspired by the Zeppelin airships of the early 1900’s, pronounced and elongated ribbing adds a layer of decoration to earn these handles a place as a feature on whatever door they adorn.

With more collaborations in the pipeline and exposure at recent European fairs, Dnd is setting the international benchmark for superb quality, integrity of manufacturing, and design-focused thinking.

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