The TWIG handle by Philip Watts Design is one of our most popular handles, especially finished in the Antique Bronze finish. At 400mm long it is a perfect entry door handle and the thickness feels just right. The handle was used as inspiration for a project in Papua New Guinea by New Zealand based design company Stratum Unlimited who were designing a restaurant at the new Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby.

However, the scheme of the restaurant required something that was more of a statement and which better suited the proportion of the doors, so we were approached by Stratum to supply a custom sized handle at 1000mm long. As all Philip Watts Design handles are made to order, we are able to customise standard handles or create uniquely bespoke handles to suit individual designs. In fact, we love the whole bespoke process and literally invite enquiries for such projects, so we were delighted to assist.

We approached Philip Watts with a simple brief, using the TWIG handle as inspiration, create a handle that is 1000mm long and approx. 35mm thick. That’s it. Simple.

The process for creating a bespoke TWIG, BRANCH or anything that is natural is different to creating a bespoke handle of any other design as we literally cast the handles from nature. So, rather than start designing, and making the pattern for casting, the team at Philip Watts Design head out to the local sustainable forests in Nottingham, UK, and search amongst the fallen branches for the perfect handle.

Once the ideal ‘handle’ is found, it is cut to size and photographed for approval by the client. See image showing the actual branch with bosses attached to show where the fixings will be. Once approved, the handle is then cast in the highest quality metals available for casting, in this case phosphorous bronze. After casting, the handles are hand polished to the desired finish and drilled for the fixings, before being carefully loaded into the shipping crate for the onward journey to Port Moresby.

Custom Twig Handle


There are numerous handles to be installed at the MUMU restaurant and we intend to visit at some point to take some photos to share with you (and of course to try some amazing mumu food). Watch this space, and if you happen to visit yourself, we’d love for you to share some images with us, either via email or Instagram @spiggy_aus

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