For one of our first commissions we received a sketched design concept from an interior designer in Moscow for the largest private residence in New Zealand. The concept had a natural element to them, a nod to the natural beauty and heritage unique to this part of the world. But how do we go about turning this sketched idea into a set of entrance handles for the most talked about project in New Zealand?
We started by producing our own drawings, our interpretations of the design concept from Moscow, and once approved we progressed to making castings of the detail elements to ensure that the concept had been interpreted correctly.
These were cast from aluminium for cost and colour purposes. Once these were approved we progressed to the next stage, producing full size patterns from which the cast handles would be made, carved by hand from timber.
Images of these patterns were also sent for approval and, once approved, the handles were cast. The brief was to produce silver coloured handles but as the property was exposed to sea air, aluminium handles were deemed unsuitable. We therefore cast the handles from the brass, a sturdy, resilient base metal.....
....before hand drilling the texture into the solid brass castings and then adding chrome plating to create the silver colour, hand polishing to a satin finish as per the original design intent.
These stunning handles now form an integral part of this incredible entrance for a truly remarkable property. Furthermore, once the bespoke service was utilised, the Russian based designer took full advantage and commissioned us to produce additional custom made handles for joinery throughout the property.

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